Han Art presents a profound image and a significant challenge to the Canadian art community. This unique gallery offers a wide-ranging exploration of Canadian and international art, which combines strong concepts with fine aesthetics.

Initiated in 1995, we have been a reputable gallery in Canadian and international art markets, specializing in Canadian modern and contemporary, Italian modern and transavantgarde, and Chinese modern and contemporary art. Over the years, Han Art has subtly navigated between the multiple worlds and expressions of modern, contemporary, and primitive art. With an emphasis on aesthetics and innovative daring that broadly crosses over different cultures, values, and histories in the realm of their essence. At the heart of Han Art’s numerous Canadian and foreign exhibitions in our gallery, other private galleries, fairs, and institutions, its intentions are to promote the genres and the individuality of Canadian, European, Latin American, and Asian artists.We curate exhibitions ranging from figurative to abstract, minimalist to conceptual, and emergent to master artists.



Moderne • Contemporain • Primitif

4209 Rue Ste-Catherine Ouest,
Westmount (Montreal), QC, H3Z 1P6, Canada.

T: (514) 876-9278
E: info@hanartgallery.com

Tues – Sat: 12pm – 6pm
Sun: Closed or by appointment
Mon: Closed

President: Andrew Lui
Director: Chloe Ng
Assistant-Manager: Bruno Bertilotti B.