David's Bonfire - Impressions on a 2018 Show at the Toronto  Bau-Xi Gallery

     Well here you are on the day after the big opening (I heard the crowd milling about in the background when I phoned; I hope they were writing cheques!).

     They OUGHT to have been because the paintings are wonderful.  I'm very sorry indeed about your dreadful stroke, but whatever has happened, you have broken through some membrane of the well-traveled forestscape into a glorious new kind of nature-picture, kicking the weary Canadian weary landscape up into wild and mythopoeic heights.  

     It's a great accomplishment, my lad!!  Thank goodness you have now brilliantly transcended those prison-like bars of vertical pines (they were getting all too dominant and proscribed, I thought) into a realm in which pigment has become free to act on its own, to swirl and eddy and finally come to rest as new forms, new ideas, new possibilities, new horizons.  The stuff is so much more personal now.  It partakes more of what dear David used to call "a more interior life" (after painter Gwen John, who, as you may remember, he admired).

     With that fence-like phalanx of vertical foreground trees gone (or partly gone) the viewer can now move right into the "mind" of the work.  With paintings like the exquisite Sundogs and Goshawk and Cups (and many many others), you have attained brave new heights--and a visual a poetry thst is utterly compelling.

     Eben as images onscreen, they make my chest ache with excitement.

     Congratulations on a truly major achievement.


Gary Michael Dault