Dennis Hwang

Dennis Hwang was born in Xiamen, China in 1941. Friends and collectors know him as “Windy Fellow,” and “Esquire of Cola Hub,” the pennames that were given to him due to his frequent travelling. He settled in Taiwan in 1950. In 1972, he was invited by the U.S. Department of State, to come to North America as a visiting artist. While on his long stay in New York City developing his career as an artist, he developed very intimate friendships with the famous Walasse Ting and Chuang Che, in addition to mingling with artists such as Pierre Alechinsky and Karel Appel, from the COBRA movement. 

Hwang, now in his mid 70’s, remains as youthful as one can when it comes to his works, with paintings and sculptures that are vibrantly colorful, with themes that are both meaningful, yet whimsical in tone. His magnificent works have been collected worldwide.

Andrew Lui, the director of Han Art, has known Dennis as a friend since the early 70’s. This is his second solo exhibition with the gallery, and his third in Montreal, as he was once associated with the famous Esperanza Gallery in the 80’s. 


回眸-黃志超個展|A Glance- Dennis Hwang Solo Exhibition

Dennis Hwang sits down to speak about his work, showcasing his sources of inspiration of his colourful and vibrant paintings. There is no English audio to accompany this video.