Michael Flomen

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Michael Flomen was born in Montreal in 1952. He began taking photographs in the late 1960’s, and has been showing his work on several continents since 1972. He has been a darkroom printer and collaborator for many artists including for Jacques Henri Lartigue’s traveling exhibition in Canada and the United States in the mid ‘70s. Flomen’s first book of “street photographs,” which followed the Cartier-Bresson formalism of photographic picture making, was published in 1980, followed by Still Life Draped Stone in 1985. Flomen switched camera formats in the early ‘90s, photographing snow and producing works under the title RISING. For the last fifteen years, this self-taught artist has used camera-less techniques to collaborate with nature. Various forms of water, firefly light, wind, and other natural phenomena are the inspiration for his picture making. Michael Flomen’s work is in the Musée national des beaux-art du Québec, the Norton Museum of Fine Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others.  

  Source: http://michael-flomen.squarespace.com/cv-bio/


Under the Cover of Darkness, The work of Michael Flomen - La nuit est ma chambre noire

Narrated by the artist himself, we follow Michael Flomen into the nighttime, where he captures his beautiful photographs devoid of any conventional light sources, as he explains his work and why is it so compelling to him