Pilgrim Progress

            For thirty odd years, I have earnestly toiled in my artistic pursuit, progressing from resolute to probable; from absolute to relative; from conceptual to reflecting life and from trendy to cognitive. Somewhat bewildered and not learning much along the way, I have now reached the crossroad of post-modernity.

            Experiences, to me, are the moments of self-inflicted happiness from the ups and downs in life. In recent years, I have indulged myself in depicting the melancholy as well as the exhilaration of voyageurs on the move. They can be the lasting regrets of the Roman cavalries as described by Paolo Uccello or the disillusions of the Crusaders travelling on their never-ending journey….horses and pilgrims self-professing a shared common destiny: men and horses; misery and bliss, life and death, and the perpetual interplay of between emptiness and fulfilment. I must confess that I am addicted to this temporal yet virtual relationship to life and aesthetic standard….

            The confrontation between the eastern and western civilizations; the expansive nature of Judeo-Christian civilization and the intrinsic fermentation of the Chinese Confucian-Buddhist civilization, I count myself blessed to be able to live in such a niche. Since the Renaissance period, humanistic values have been advocated by both the eastern and western aesthetics. These combine with the evolution of the post-modernistic language as well as the non-secular yet subversive elements in the Ming-Qing paintings have provided unlimited rumination and struggle for my artistic creations.

             Pilgrimage is virtual in nature. The scene is a fictitious set-up and the space seems to be ready for staging an opera from olden days. The only real elements are the sorrows and joys of living, the comings and goings of the actors as well as the ups and downs in life.